Unstoppable tips to get rid of 7 kitchen smells

A kitchen is a place generating odors, it’s a fact. As the main part of the house, a lot of things happen in the kitchen that can lead to lingering odors. Here are seven sources of odors that you have probably experienced in your kitchen, and how to get rid of them.

Whether to eliminate the smell of cooking, some say “the smell of grease”, the smell of garlic or onions escaping from the refrigerator, the foul smelling of the sink, the fatty smell of the oven, neutralize the smell of microwave plastic, smells of burning, frying or fish, here are 7 simple ways to easily annihilate them with these very effective “house” odor destroyers.

1. Odors of the refrigerator
An important smelly source of a kitchen may be the refrigerator. To avoid odors and deodorize, check for outdated items, forgotten containers of leftovers, or rotting vegetables.

Use white vinegar to wipe the sides of the refrigerator and place a box of baking soda with several holes in the lid on a shelf to absorb odors.
Replace regularly.

2. Food Odors
As delicious and healthy as some foods are, some may leave a distinctive smell that permeates the air.

To help purify the air during cooking and afterward, place a small bowl near the stove and fill it with regular household vinegar, which absorbs stubborn odors.
In a saucepan of water, boil (or grind) a few cloves.
Boil the lemon zest and orange peel or both in a saucepan for an hour over low heat.
Roast the coffee beans or freshly brewed coffee until the aroma permeates the room.

3. Odors of the oven
Food spilled and burned in the oven may imbue the aroma with scorched smoke.

To eliminate the smell once the oven has cooled down, sprinkle the affected area with salt. Let it sit and wipe it off.

4. Sink odors
Accumulation in the sink can result in a foul-smelling sewer odor.

An easy solution is a mixture of ½ cup of water and ½ cup of household bleach poured into the sink. Allow the solution to sit for at least an hour, then let cold water sink into the sink to remove any foul residue.
You can also pour coffee grounds and let the hot water flow, the coffee grounds with its abrasive effect, will take off the piles of fat stuck in the siphon of the sink and in the pipes, the main cause of foul-smelling sinks.

5. Odors of the microwave

Microwaves are notorious refuges for smells, drops of food and splashes remain stuck inside, not to mention bacteria!

To remove smelly stubborn residue, fill a large microwaveable bowl with 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

Steam will loosen the residue, which will facilitate its removal.
Heat the solution in the microwave for two to three minutes at maximum power. Carefully remove the hot bowl, then wipe the inside surface of the microwave oven.
you can also use a mixture of water and lemon juice

6. Burning odors
Another nauseating odor comes from foods burned in the microwave, such as popcorn.

It is easy to remove by combining 1 cup ½ water with half a lemon cut into pieces, and 4 to 5 whole cloves.
Place the mixture in a microwaveable bowl and bring to a boil.
Allow the mixture to cool, then remove the bowl and wipe the inside of the microwave oven
Leave the microwave oven door open after cleaning to allow the remaining odors to drain.

7. Wooden surfaces
Wood surfaces, like cutting boards, retain odors.
Clean them by rubbing them thoroughly with a combination of baking soda or salt and lemon juice.
Home Air Fresheners and Room Fragrances
Although over-the-counter odor control products do a good job of smelling odors, it’s easy to make other odors. Once the smelly areas have been detected, use these simple tips to get rid of unpleasant odors and keep your living space fresh and fragrant. Here are some ways to do it with items that you probably already have in the house!

Spices – Mix a cup of water with your favorite spice (cinnamon, pepper, ginger, etc.) and microwave for two to three minutes to cool off the air quickly.

Extracts – For a longer lasting refresh, place a cotton pad soaked in your favorite extract – orange, peppermint, lemon or clove oil – in a small glass jar. Pierce the lid with several holes to allow the scent to come out of the pot. Secure the cover. Replace if necessary.

Coffee – Refresh cupboards with unused ground coffee. Place several tablespoons in a pair or two of clean socks. Hang the socks in each closet to remove old musty odors.

Charcoal – Mold odors from cupboards, basements or wash areas can be removed by placing a container filled with activated charcoal at each location.


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